Author: John Vorhaus

Online Poker: The situation of the game in the world!

Online poker, when it comes to gambling, we all are equal, regardless of where you live, the games you play or the amount you wager, we all are fighting against the odds when we ante-up live or online.

Poker became the world’s most famous card game played by millions of players around the world since Free Poker started in late 1900’s in the form of IRC poker over IRC chat protocol using imaginary money. Later this game attracted a devoted following of experts bringing in their own experience and money. And now it’s so popular that Tournaments like World Poker Tour (WPT), World Series of Poker (WSOP), Asian Poker Tour (API), Macau Poker Cup (MPC), Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), started to be organized.

The significance of the game:

William Alex Foxen from US with GPID JUK323 (GPID is a unique identification number assigned to each individual player participating in tournaments around the world) has been topping the GPI charts for 7 weeks with Rank 1. His total online earnings are $5,008,925. Whereas,Kunal Patni, (GPID NTC623) from India, isthe best poker players in the country. With a total online earning of $51,878, he stands at the 15th position as per GPI ranks. In the 2018, World Poker Tournament he secured a second position winning roughly 75 lakhs. His passion for poker made him quit his high paying finance job to become a professional poker player.

 The situation of the game in the world!


So which country gambles the most? The combination of regulation, innovation and effective promotion the US, UK Australia, Canada and Macau have been regarded as the gambling centres since the emerging 2000’s.

The face of this sport!

Poker is a new sport in India and has been a controversial game and from financial might of the industry, to individual player specific tendencies it has been a little hard for the supreme Court to frame clear legal laws around this game. Websites like Adda 52, Spartan Poker, Pokerstars and Pokerbaazi are a few famous mushrooming online poker platforms. The SupremeCourt, judgement in 1967 never clarified on the use of stake money.Thus, various high courts in India have been giving conflicting verdicts. States like Telangana, Kerala High court admitted that Rummy is a game of skill but playing it for stakes is an offence. Therefore, players need to keep track of the terms and conditions, before playing it!

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The gameplay:

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The experience:

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The final thought:

If you are a professional gambler, it is good to play the slot machines for real money so that you can win more money in return. Avoid losing hope if you lose at any chance. These machines are for fun purposes only, in fact, you can test your luck by opting for these games. Check out the available bonuses on the online casinos, before signing up with any of them. If you are a new player, you will get a welcome bonus from some casinos online.

The Criteria Associated With Online Casino Games!

Humans have always been drawn to the idea of luck, more specifically to online gambling. They have always chosen to hope for and believe in a superficial power that shall help them thrive in society. And hence, they play games of chance. Have you ever made small, simple bets with your friends? And how have you felt upon winning?

And have you ever wondered, about what happened to the people who couldn’t stop? They make it to the virtual leagues: Onlinecasino. These virtual off shore websites and organisations contain tons of money and gain even more preying on all the victims. But why do people gamble online? There’s a simple answer to that question. A reward.

The basic element of fascination!

The fascinating thing about human being is that they are really fond of money since it was introduced and now online money. Now, come on, tell me what money cannot buy? It has become the solution of almost every problem which we face in our life. From purchasing a small candy to lavish food, from bandages to heart operations, from toy car to e-class everything is covered by the money.

The basic element of fascination!

Online gambling began in earnest in 1996, after several now-defunct websites began hosting ‘virtual casinos’ and gambling rooms to facilitate a sport that was, till then, handicapped by the inclusion of a lot of people, and also by the ambiguity regarding the legality of the sport. These virtual online gambling arenas helped the sport explode into an inclusive recreational activity, which removed the barrier for minimum amounts to be deposited to have buy-in at the ‘table’. This allowed the sport to transform from a game of the ‘elite’ people with a huge stash of money to a sport that could be played by an amateur who had a few spare dollars that they could use to gamble.

The extraordinary take on the scene!

Online gambling has also lead to an increase in the amount of debt since the dot-com bubble burst, and since the global economic recession of 2008, that increased the overall level of debt globally. Betters and gamblers started staking more money to secure larger amounts of money and started losing money in an inhospitable environment where businesses, including these online gambling sites, were going under, due to financial debt. This has resulted in bad loans, defaults, arrests for gambling through illegal methods, etc.